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by Douglas B. Smith

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Information about Ever Wonder Why?

We will now try and provide you with all the information that you need to know about Ever Wonder Why?. The book is written by Douglas B. Smith. Fawcett Books is the publisher and the ones to release the book.

The language that Douglas B. Smith wrote and published the book in was English. The category for this book is Curiosities Wonders. It is available in different formats but this particular one is a Mass Market Paperbound Book.

If you want to read Ever Wonder Why? as a traditional book or pocket it consists of 144 pages. Its physical dimensions is 4.20 x 6.88 x 0.41 inches and the weight in total is 0.17 lbs. Ever Wonder Why? thirteen digit ISBN is 9780449147467 and the ten digit one is 0449147460.

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Book facts:

Ever Wonder Why?
Mass Market Paperbound Book
Number of Pages:
144 pages
Fawcett Books
Curiosities Wonders
4.20 x 6.88 x 0.41 inches
0.17 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions About This Book:

Who wrote Ever Wonder Why??

Ever Wonder Why? is written by the author Douglas B. Smith.

Where can I buy Ever Wonder Why??

We recommend that you buy Ever Wonder Why? from Amazon, BetterWorldBooks or AbeBooks.

Is it available as an Audiobook?

If you want to listen to the book instead, you can check the availability and start your free trial with Audible.

What kind of book is Ever Wonder Why??

The book is categorized within Curiosities Wonders.

What is the size of the book?

This particular edition weighs 0.17 lbs and the dimensions are 4.20 x 6.88 x 0.41 inches.

The publishers description of the book:

Everyone knows that…donuts have holes…we clink glasses before saying a toast…golfers yell “fore!” before teeing off…we nod our heads yes and shake our heads no…But how many of us know why? You’ll learn the answers and a whole lot more in this fun and fact-filled almanac. And all you have to do is ask WHY?!

Publisher: Fawcett Books